Time for a change (and more interesting things around trains!)

I've started a new blog, maybe something of an expansion to this one, where I'll do more than linking and summarizing things from Wikipedia most of the time. At the time this blog started, the name might have suited the purpose just fine, but over time, I found it a little restricting. Maybe it's because I have OCD tendencies or something, it bugs me to not rigidly posting about some nerdy train stuff every week (although I had missed posts many a time), and slowly the fun of blogging had been eroding away with it.

Anyway, enough of making excuses for myself. Here goes the new blog, called Wenige Minuten Sp├Ąter, a name that accurately depicts my experiences with the Deutschebahn over the past two years of living in Germany. And as my stay here draws to an end, this blog will hopefully serve as a reminder of the fun-filled, semi-carefree time of my grad school days. So what if the posts might be a few minutes late?


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