JRF M250 Super Rail Cargo

The Japan Rail Freight Series M250 Super Rail Cargo is a freight electric multiple unit designed and manufacturered by Kawasaki, Nippon Sharyō, and Tōshiba.  It is designed to carry containers at a top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph).  The train operates on the Zairaisen (as opposed to the Shinkansen or new trunk line, Zairaisen litereally means existing line) which makes up the majority of Japan's railway network with a gauge of 1,067 mm (3 and a half feet).

Loaded M250 in service

The M250 is equiped with AC traction.  A standard M250 consists of 16 cars and has 16 powered axles with a 220 kW (295 horsepower) traction motor per axle.  The combined total output of the M250 is 3,520 kW or 4,720 hp.

Powered cars on one end of the M250

If you are interested, here is also a video of the M250 in action.

Next week we can talk about the fastest diesel-electric trainset in the world.


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