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Denver RTD EMU

Good news! The City of Denver, CO is another step closer to their first commuter railroad system with the delivery of the first EMU built by Hyundai Rotem. The regional transit authority, the RTD is so excited that it is hosting a tour of these railcars at the newly revitalised Union Station from 3 December to 6 December.

I can't find anything publicly on what the EMU is really called, everyone just calls it the Rotem EMU. Anyway, you know the gist of what an EMU is and this one is probably very similar to the SEPTA Silverliner V.

I won't copy and paste stuff from RTD's website and will link you there (click HERE) instead. It's quite an informative web page with quick facts and media contents. This EMU is scheduled to enter service in 2016.

This video from YouTube here is not of the Denver EMU but a Rotem Silverliner V operated by SEPTA.

Some old news

Recently, one of the two types of the much anticipated InterCity Programme trainsets, ones to replace the current InterCity 125 and 225 trainsets on British Rail was finally unveiled by Hitachi and the DfT. While detailed information on the inter-web is still scarce for this train, here are some links to news articles and official websites of the Class 800 electro-diesel trainset. Hopefully more on this trainset will emerge soon.

Hitachi Class 800 trainsets begin testing in JapanFirst Hitachi Class 800 trainset unveiledHitachi Press Release on the Class 800Google search results on keywords "Hitachi Class 800"

Bombardier Electrostar

The Electrostar, really developed by the former self of Berlin's Bombardier Transportation, Adtranz, is the most popular type of commuter electric multiple unit in Britain since the Thatcher Privatizations which has largely wiped out domestic rail research and development. Although one can argue that the Privatization has brought in better and more reliable equipment from Europe. I'm not getting into that.

Anyway, the Electrostar, eh. This little EMU is seen in many shapes and forms and on many suburban and mainline services. This blog has mentioned a couple of types of the Electrostar before, the Gautrain (oh, did I forget to mention this one in South Africa?) and the Class 375/7, which I've had the pleasure of riding during my trips to Britain. This Wikipedia page here sums up where exactly you may find yourself riding an Electrostar, to the best effort of its contributors. Please also feel free to explore the pages dedicated to each Class of the Electrostar EMUs as well…


New equipment in North America is, in general, harder to come by than the rest of the world where rail is a primary mode of public transportation. Therefore I have no excuse to not mention any new comers onto North American rails. This week I'll write about a new commuter locomotive by Wabtec for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, she is called the HSP46.

Unlike the MPExpress Series locomotives that can be seen across the continent by now, Wabtec has partnered up with General Electric in the case of the HSP46. Instead of the EMD 710, we have here a 12 cylinder GEVO engine at the heart of the HSP 46 that also supplies Head End Power. Four AC traction motors will take this puppy up to a top speed of 110 mph. This locomotive is also kind of a feather weight compared to her freight hauling siblings, coming in at only 287 500 lbs, 1 500 lbs more than a fully loaded standard 100 ton freight car.

The paint scheme of the HSP46 comes from an online vote held by the MBTA a few …