Bombardier TRAXX HXD3B

Fast trains will resume next week.  Let’s call a time out for now and take a look at a very powerful freight locomotive manufactured in China since 2008.  This one, based on the IORE we have talked about, is also a TRAXX locomotive from Bombardier.  It is designed for the Chinese Ministry of Railway for heavy-haul applications at a speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) and it is currently one of the most powerful 6-axle locomotives in the world.

The HXD3B (HXD: Héxié Diàn, literally means Harmony Electric) weighs 150 metric tonnes and is powered by 6 AC asynchronous traction motors.  This locomotive is rated at 9.6 megawatts (12,870 horsepower) and can provide a maximum of 570 kN (128,100 lbf) of tractive effort and 480 kN (107,900 lbf) of regenerative braking.  The Chinese Ministry of Railway ordered 500 HXD3Bs.  Despite the code name given, the HXD3B is completely unrelated to the Tōshiba HXD3 also used in China.

We will talk about something fast again next week.


Anonymous said…
It is not a TRAXX locomotive.

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