MotivePower MP40PH-3C

This was the new GO Transit locomotive we were going to take a look at quite a while ago.  Before I forget about it (although in reality I won’t), I’ll share a few things about it.  This locomotive is of the MPXpress family of 4-axle low emission (EPA Tier 2) commuter locomotives designed and manufactured by MotivePower Inc. (part of Wabtec) of Boise, Idaho.  The MP40PH-3C is specifically designed for GO Transit, a division of Metrolinx, serving the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario, for hauling longer 12-car GO Trains.  With the Bombardier Bi-level coaches having a seating capacity of up to 162 passengers per carriage, each of these trains carry up to 1,944 passengers fully seated in and out of downtown Toronto.  During rush hour, one GO Train carrying 2,000 passengers takes more than 1,700 cars off of the roads of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (using 1.15 persons per car, stat provided by GO Transit).

GO 604 waiting for Oshawa Departure on the Lake Shore Line

GO 601 in transit to Toronto

Cab of the MP40PH-3C

Unlike the other members of the MPXpress family, the MP40 uses a 4,000 horsepower (2,980 kW) EMD 16-710G3B-T2 diesel engine, the EMD EM2000 control system, and EMD alternator and traction motors instead of MPI/Wabtec parts.  Like the MP36PH-3C (where the “C” possibly denotes Caterpillar), the MP40PH-3C has a separate Caterpillar diesel engine to provide HEP (head end power) to the carriages.  As a result, all of the 4,000 hp provided by the EMD 710 is utilised to provide traction.

GO 625 at Toronto Yard (Agincourt) ready for delivery

With specifications published by GO Transit, the top speed of the MP40PH-3C is 93 mph (150 km/h).  So far, GO Transit has ordered 57 units of the MP40PH-3C.

12-car GO Train on the Milton Line

Here is a clip of a MP40PH-3C GO Train in action.


Marc said…
Motive power mp40ph 3c is an advanced and innovative train. And the pictures are awesome showing the outlook of trains.
Anonymous said…
I operate these locos and let me tell you they are junk. They are loud they leak when it rains, ac freezes if you leave it on, heat hardly works and they slip like crazy!!! Sightlines are horrible and the ride on them is brutal.

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