Statens Järnvägar X2

The Statens Järnvägar (Swedish State Railway, now SJ AB, a government-owned passenger train operator created in 2000) Class X2 is a 200 km/h tilting push-pull trainset designed and built by ABB (later became ADtranz, then Bombardier) of Sweden between 1989 and 1998.  It was designed for the curvy existing railway lines of Sweden due to the lack of railway traffic to build dedicated high-speed lines.  The tilting mechanism enables the trainset to go around bends without the need to decelerate.  The X2 trainset consists of one power car rated at a moderate 3,260 kW (4,370 hp), 4 or 5 intermediate carriages, and one cab equipped end carriage.  The top allowable speed of the X2 in service in Sweden is 204 km/h (127 mph).  The X2 is primarily used in the SJ service branded X 2000.

SJ X 2000 in the original livery

SJ X 2000 in its modern day livery

Three railway operators outside of Sweden have expressed interests in the X2 and have tested the trainset including CountryLink of Australia (operator of the XPT) and Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor.  However, only the Guangshen Railway under the Chinese Ministry of Railway have made the purchase of 1 trainset in 1998.  The Chinese X2 was taken out of service in late 2000s due to high maintenance costs and the introduction of the Regina (SJ X50 series).

Amtrak X2 on nation tour (hauled by F40PH locomotives)

Guangshen Railway X2 in Hong Kong

Below is a clip of the X2 (and the German InterCityExpress 1) being tested on the Northeast Corridor.

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