Bombardier Regina

The Bombardier Regina is a passenger electric-multiple-unit originally designed for local and regional train services. The standard consist of the Regina consists of 2 to 3 cars. It is used by SJ and many private and regional railways and its several variants are designated X50 to X54. The top speed of the Swedish Regina is 180-200 km/h (112-125 mph).

SJ Regina X52

8- and 16-car high-platform-only versions of the Regina were later introduced in China as the CRH1A/B (CRH stands for China Railway High-speed) and have been in service since 2007. These trains have a top speed of 220-250 km/h (137-155 mph). In late 2007, SJ ordered 20 additional sets of 4-car Regina trainsets, designated X55, for inter-city services connecting Stockholm with Värmland and Dalarna, with an option for another 20 sets.

China Railways Regina CRH1A

Below is one of the Bombardier commercials aired during the 2008 Summer Olympics featuring the CRH1.

The Regina was also used as the test train for the Gröna Tåget (Green Train) Project to develop the next-generation Swedish high-speed train. The test-train had reached a Swedish railway speed record of 295 km/h  (183 mph) in July 2008. A summary of the project is linked here.


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