ElectroMotive F59PH

Built between 1988 and 1994, the ElectroMotive F59PH is probably one of the locomotives GTA transit riders are the most familiar with. The humble looking, 4-axle machines with their big, easily recognisable green logo in the front have taken tens of millions of riders every year in and out of the economic core of our nation, Downtown Toronto.

The F59PH was the first of the F59 series of passenger locomotives and was initially only purchased by two commuter railroads, the GO Transit of Toronto, Ontario, and the Metrolink of Los Angeles, California. Eighty-three units were produced in total, 49 for the GO Transit, all of which built at General Motors Diesel’s London, Ontario plant.

The F59PH are powered by 12 cylinder EMD 710 prime movers which produce 3,000 hp (2,240 kW). She weighs a mere 118 short tons (107 metric tonnes or 105 Imperial tons) and has a top speed of 83 mph (133 km/h) when moving 10 bi-level cars. Starting from 2009, the F59PH are to gradually replaced by newer, more powerful MP40PH-3C locomotives. It is not however the end of life for the F59PH, as Metrolinx transfers ownership, she will serve on with other commuter railroads in the years to come.


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