ONR Northlander

The Northlander is the namesake passenger train of the Ontario Northland Railway. It operates Sundays to Fridays between Toronto Union Station and Cochrane. The Northlander connects to the GO, Via Rail, Amtrak services at Toronto, and the ONR Polar Bear Express at Cochrane.

ONR passenger station in Cochrane, Ontario

The Northlander travels on the Canadian National Railway between Toronto and North Bay then continues northwards onto ONR’s own tracks. The northbound Northlander departs Union Station at 08:40 and arrives in Cochrane at 19:25; southbound train departs Cochrane at 08:00 and arrives in Toronto at 19:15. The Ontario Northland Railway provides periodic train status update online throughout the day.

Northlander blowing snow in Muskoka


Anonymous said…
Hello, we are riding the Northlander for the first time from Toronto to Matheson. Anybody taken this route before, how was the ride? Thanks
Yi Wang said…
Hi there, from my experience on the Northlander, it wasn't the smoothest of the train rides. The cars used were originally built for commuter service in the Greater Toronto Area and was a bit bumpier than VIA or Amtrak's intercity cars.

The cabin of the Northlander was very nice. It was furnished like Amtrak long distance trains with large recline seats and leg rests. Also like Amtrak, trolley service is not offered, food and drinks are sold on the food services car.

Hope you enjoy the ride.
Anonymous said…

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