Amtrak Cities Sprinter

The Amtrak Cities Sprinter ACS-64 is the upcoming 4-axle motive power for the Northeast Corridor and Keystone Corridor. Seventy of these locomotives are on order from Siemens Mobility and they are to be assembled domestically in the United States. The ACS-64 will replace all electric locomotives currently serving the Northeast, namely the ASEA/ElectroMotive AEM-7 (5,800 hp DC and 6,700 hp AC versions) and the Bombardier/Alstom 8,000 hp high horsepower HHP-8.

Vectron on display at the InnoTrans, more images here

The ACS-64 belongs to the new Vectron family of locomotives developed by Siemens Mobility. Vectron is the successor to the tried-and-true EuroSprinter series (See ES64U4). They are designed to be modular and easily re-configurable through pre-designed mounting points to accommodate different service needs. As the name of the ACS-64 suggests, the locomotive packs a total power output of 6,400 kW or 8,600 hp at wheel rim. Like all modern electric locomotives, the ACS-64 is equipped with AC traction motors and regenerative breaking system.

Artist rendering of the ACS-64

These locomotives are scheduled to begin service in 2013 with a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h) on the Northeast Corridor and 110 mph (177 km/h) on the Keystone Corridor. The maximum design speed of the ACS-64 is 135 mph (217 km/h).


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