China Railways HXD2

The China Railways HXD2 family locomotives are mainline electric freight locomotives designed by Alstom of France based on the Prima line of locomotives. Three variants of this type of locomotives (A, B, and C) have been built with an order of 810 units in total from the Chinese Ministry of Railways.

The 10 MW 6-axle HXD2A

All of the HXD2 locomotives have AC propulsion with regenerative braking systems and all have an axle load of only 25 tonnes (55,100 lbm). The A variant is an 8-axle locomotive with two 4-axle sections permanently coupled together, the B and C variants are 6-axle single section twin-cab units. The output/max tractive effort ratings of the HXD2A, B, and C are 10 MW (13,400 hp)/760 kN (170,900 lbf), 9.6 MW (12,900 hp)/584 kN (131,300 lbf), and 7.2 MW (9,700 hp)/570 kN (128,100 lbf) respectively. 12 HXD2A and 100 HXD2B have been built in France by Alstom and the rest of the HXD2 locomotives are built in China under license by CNR Datong locomotive works.

Film of distributed HXD2As hauling a coal train

The HXD2 locomotives are primarily used in coal train services and have a design top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).


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