One morning in Kingston

If you are looking for a film of the Acela Express zooming by Kingston, Rhode Island on the Northeast Corridor, this is not it; however, in this little film below, you will be seeing the some of the fastest trains of Canada.

I filmed these trains with my cellular phone (and bare hands, no tripod, sorry...) in the morning of 7 March 2011 while I was waiting for my train to Toronto in the beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario, former capital of the Province of Canada. Kingston Station is situated at mile 176.1 on the Kingston Subdivision of the Canadian National Railway, the fastest stretch of railroad on the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. Kingston Subdivision runs a little over 300 miles along St Lawrence River and Lake Ontario between Dorval in Montreal and the east end of the Union Station Rail Corridor in Toronto. The entire subdivision has at least two mainline tracks and permissible speeds of up to 70 mph for freight trains and 100 mph for passenger trains (125 mph for the Turbo Trains in the good old days). In this video, you will see a manifest train passing through the station, a joint Ottawa/Montreal train with P42DC locomotives, LRC, and Renaissance cars making a stop from Toronto, and the arrival of my ride from Montreal to Toronto.

So sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy this little video.


Anonymous said…
Does VIA operate the Rennaissance cars on specific trains or is it random? Plus, I took the coupled train to Ottawa, once we uncoupled and left Brockville, I clocked us going 160Km/h on my iPhone GPS.
Between Toronto and Montreal only 52, 53, 66, and 67 use Renaissance (and it's very likely they share the same set of 2 trains, I'm pretty sure 53 becomes 66 in the evening since there are no Renaissance assigned west of Toronto yet). Then there's the Ocean which uses Renaissance and I'm not too sure about the other lines.

And yes, they do go up to 160 km/h or 100 mph. Railroads in the US and Canada use Imperial units :-)

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