Bombardier ALP-45DP

The ALP-45DP, as the name suggests, is a dual power (electro-diesel) 4-axle locomotive designed and built by Bombardier Transportation in Germany. It is derived from the earlier electric ALP-46, which is ultimately based on the Deutsche Bahn Class 101.

ALP-45DP being unveiled at InnoTrans 2010
Pantograph end; this display unit has a combined NJT/AMT colour scheme
Unlike the typical diesel-electric locomotives in North America, the ALP-45DP use two Caterpillar 3512C HD high-speed 4-stroke V12 diesel engines which rev up to 1,800 rpm (North American units use medium-speed diesel engines and typically rev up to 900 rpm). These engines are each rated at a maximum of 2,100 hp or 1,566 kW. In electric mode, the maximum rated output of the ALP-45DP is 5,900 hp or 4,400 kW. Also different from other European locomotives, the ALP-45DP has only one cab. It is also only fitted with one pantograph at opposite of the cab end. The top speed of this locomotive is 125 mph (201 km/h) in electric mode and 100 mph (161 km/h) in diesel mode.

Control Stand
The Cat engine
Bogie (Truck)
New Jersey Transit and Montreal's Agence métropolitaine de transport currently have 26 and 20 units on order respectively with 63 options for the NJT and 10 options for AMT. The first ALP-45DP arrived in North America on 11 March 2011 at Port Newark. It has since been sent to the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, CO for testing.


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