For those of you who do not ride the train...

Here is a taste of what you have been missing out... Big time.

The California Zephyr had been an amazing ride and I had met many amazing people (and engineers) along the way.

Posted on the Northlander en route to North Bay, ON.


Richard Cox said…
Well, yes it was a good trip. Due to being 3 hours late I had to run to the El in Chicago to get to Midway to catch my plane back to Tucson, but it was worth it when the Southwest Airlines folks escorted me to the front of their lines, etc. I made it with minutes to spare. Nice to meet you. You made the trip great. Richard Cox
RiceBallAttack said…

Awesome to meet you! My dad really loved having someone to talk to trains about; thanks! We took about 500 pictures if you want to check them out (or not, whatever!). I'll caption them when I get back from Japan in a few weeks, but they're pretty self explanatory :). Also, I've never used kodak before, so let me know if the links don't work. Stay awesome!


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