JR Kyushu Series 885

The Series 885 is an AC electric multiple unit built by Hitachi for the Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) of Japan. It is a member of the modular Hitachi A-Train family which export trains have been derived from including the 140 mph British Rail Class 395 Javelin.

Side view of the nose of Series 885
Interior of Series 885 with real hardwood floor

The Series 885 is used as Limited Express trains on Japan's existing railway network and hence is narrow gauge (3 1/2 ft.). To negotiate tight curves at speeds higher than regular trains, the Series 885 is fitted with active-tilting mechanisms. Eleven 6-car trainsets (3M3T, i.e. 3 motor cars and 3 trailers) of the Series 885 have been built since 2000 and are used on the Kamome (Seagull) and Sonic services. This EMU has a combined output of 3,060 hp and a top revenue speed of 80 mph.

Enjoy this short video of the Series 885 tilt on curves.


Santiago, Novara, Italy said…
This is a video of the A-train sold to Taiwan. Note the British catenary installed during the '80s.
Anonymous said…
Santiago, although your comment is already quite old, i would like to point your attention to the white stop line on the asphalt at the level-crossing seen in the video. This stop marker being on the left side of the road clearly indicates Japan (left-hand road traffic), not Taiwan (which has right-hand traffic)...

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