Muni Metro

The Muni Metro the Light Rail Transit system of San Francisco, California operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Its first 5 lines opened in 1980, after the Market Street Subway, a double deck subway tunnel for LRT and BART (coming up next week) was complete. Unlike some of the other LRT systems in North America, the Muni Metro was converted from surviving streetcar lines. A 6th line on Third Street has been open since 2007 yet the Muni is still undergoing expansion with the Central Subway expected to be complete in 2016. With a daily ridership of over 150,000, the Muni Metro is the second busiest LRT system in America.

The current Light Rail Vehicles used by the Muni Metro are built by Italian engineering firm Breda. The San Francisco Municipal Railway has a total of 151 such LRVs in its fleet. The Muni Metro uses a standard gauge of 4 ft. 8.5 in.


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