Express Passenger Train (CountryLink)

The XPT, or eXpress Passenger Train, is a push-pull diesel-electric trainset operated by New South Wale’s CountryLink in Australia. It is made up of two Commonwealth Engineering power cars based on the British Rail Class 43 used on the famous HST InterCity 125 and up to 7 Budd coaches (rather than the Mk3 on the BR InterCity).

XPT at Sydney Central Station
British Rail InterCity 125 at York
The exterior of the XPT’s power cars are quite similar to the Class 43. They are also powered by high-speed diesel engines produced by Paxman (now owned by MAN). However, the engines are detuned to 2,000 hp from 2,250 hp and cooling systems are improved to accommodate hot and dry Australian operating conditions. Top speed in service of the XPT is also slower than the HST at 100 rather than 125 mph. Also, unlike the HST, which operates in intercity services, the XPT is a long distance train and offers sleeping accommodation for overnight services.

Coach Class of the XPT
Sleeping accommodation of the XPT


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