VR Class Sm3

The Class Sm3 is a tilting EMU based on the Italian ETR 460 Pendolino operated by VR Group of Finland. Due to the long distances and low population in Finland, the Finnish stated-owned railway company chose to run higher-speed trains on existing network rather than building entirely new high-speed railways. After years of extensive testing, the Pendolinos began service in 1997. The introduction of these trains saw a pleasant increase in train ridership in Finland.

The Sm3 consists of 6 self-propelled carriages with 2/3 of the axles being powered. The train has a total power output of 5,400 hp, total weight of 362 tons, and a top revenue speed of 140 mph. Because of her tilting capabilities, the Pendolino is able to operate 35% faster than regular trains on Finland’s board gauge (5 ft.) network.

Tilting bogie of the Pendolino


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