Let's Talk Food

So as expected, the train trip from Edmonton to Toronto was absolutely fantastic. What's better is that I am saying it not only from a passenger train nut's point of view. Today I will post a few pictures of something which matters to all travelers - the dinning experience.

Please, do not let my paper cup distract you... it does not belong to the dinning car, I have simply brought it along from the cafe in the lounge car

There is no better travel experience anywhere on VIA Rail's system than its Train 1/2, The Canadian (well, sort of the Canadian). Dining on this train is no exception. In the 1954's stainless steel dining cars, you will find plentiful of views with beautiful decors above the windows, comfortable seating, ceramic tableware and stainless steel cutlery. Meals are freshly prepared in the kitchen of the dinning car with gorgeous presentation on every dish and served by very friendly staff. Better yet, pricing of the meals in the dinning car is very reasonable (a bargain even compared to mediocre restaurants in cities like Calgary). There is also a nice selection of alcoholic beverages including, in the case of my recent trip, some very delicious micro-brews from Winnipeg. I have never had a bad meal on this VIA train and I don't think you will either.

For only $9 on the lunch menu - the best salmon fillet taco I've ever had

Again on the lunch menu for $9, a delicious Yorkshire pudding bowl


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