Turkish State Railways HT65000

The HT65000 is the first high-speed train to enter revenue service on Turkish soil. Spanish firm CAF, with her design based on Spain’s own Renfe Class 120, has built the electric multiple-unit. Each trainset is expanded from 6 cars from 4 found on the Renfe. Since the train operates on standard gage tracks only, she does not inherit the dual gage design found on the Renfe.

The HT65000 operates on the 360 mile Istanbul-Ankara high-speed railway with a top speed of 155 mph. Twelve trainsets were ordered by the TCDD (Turkish State Railways) and were in service since the opening of the high-speed line in 2009.


poval clark said…
The Real Reason Purpose train horns cam Into Being WAS due to the type of trains Themselves. Trains are very heavy, follow the track (UNLESS THEY cannot change Towards the track HAS changed direction), and Difficulty are to stop (well, not Difficulty, They take time) When at full speed.

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