Coradia X60/61/62

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The Class X60/61/62 are some of the more recent trainsets ordered by transport agencies in Sweden. They were built since 2005. These electric multiple-units belong to the Coradia family designed by the famous French train manufacture Alstom. The main difference between the 3 different designations is consist and interior setup (X60 are commuter trains operated by Greater Stockholm Transport and have 6 cars, X61 are regional trains operated by Skånetrafiken and Östgötatrafiken and have 4 cars, X62 are X61 with one of the cars being a bistro car operated by Norrtåg).

SL X60 at Stockholm Central Station
Östgötatrafiken X61
The X60/61/62 are designed with safety, comfort, and high environmental standards in mind. The cars are fitted with nonflammable and self-extinguishing materials and 95% of the car is recyclable. The 6-car X60 weigh a total of 227 tons and have a total power output of 4,020 horsepower. Top speed in service of the trainsets is 99 mph.

Cab of the X61


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