Regina X55/SJ 3000

The Regina X55 or SJ 3000, as Sweden's SJ have branded, is the new flagship intercity train replacing the aging X2 or SJ 2000 (one of the two European trainsets tested on the NEC in early 1990s). The train was designed by Bombardier in Västerås, Sweden. She is the finished product derived from the 7-year Green Train project SJ commenced in the 2000s. As the title suggests, the X55 is an extremely efficient EMU with 20% reduction in energy consumption while maintaining a higher speed and 30% cost reduction than previous generation trains (including previous Regina trains). Over the life cycle of the X55, the EMU produces as little as 0.14 oz. of carbon dioxide per passenger per mile (up to 95% lower than a car, bus, or airplane). The X55 had undergone extreme weather testing in the arctic circle and was designed specifically to operate reliably under the harsh Nordic climate conditions. The X55/SJ 3000 was officially announced by Bombardier and SJ earlier this month.

The X55 has a 4 car consist and is over 11 ft. 3 in. wide and will do 155 mph in service once line upgrade is done to raise the track speed from the current 125 mph. Please do check out the beautifully done promotional video of the SJ 3000. Welcome on board.


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