Siemens S70/Avanto

Since I posted a whole bunch of pictures of the TriMet MAX LRT System, it’s only natural to talk about one of those beautiful looking LRVs this week. I guess let’s talk about the newer one, the Siemens S70 (you are encouraged to Google around the older types, Siemens SD660 and the unknown Bombardier). The S70 is a modular low-floor LRV and is known as the Avanto in Europe. The S70 can be made up with multiple articulated sections. The connecting sections rest on unpowered trucks and still provide low-floor access to the rest of the car.

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
And of course, TriMet MAX LRT
Avanto for Paris, France
Current users of the S70/Avanto include Houston, Minneapolis, San Diego, Charlotte, Portland, Norfolk, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Paris (France), and Mulhouse (France). For the techy readers, technical information of several variants of the S70 in North American can be found here.


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