Stadler FLIRT

The FLIRT is a popular regional trainset built by Swiss firm Stadler Rail. FLIRT stands for Fast Light Innovative Regional Train. She is an articulated electric multiple unit, with all intermediate cars, or sections, sharing a single Jacobs bogie at either end. Unlike other EMUs, the FLIRT has very few powered bogies. In fact, a 4-section FLIRT only has two powered bogies at either end of the train (2-section trains have 1 at one end, and longer trains may have an optional 3rd). Each powered bogie provides 1,340 tractive horsepower and depending on configuration, the FLIRT can have a top speed of 75 to 125 mph. Though most operators ordered the intermediate 100 mph FLIRT.

Swiss Federal Railways FLIRT
Norwegian State Railways FLIRT

The FLIRT was first built in 2004 and hundreds of sets were ordered from operators in more than 10 different countries since then.


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