NTV Italo

I saw this company in the news a lot lately (since their high-speed rail finally went into service) and thought I might as well write about it on my blog. NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori) is a joint-stock passenger rail operator founded in 2006 in Italy (20% owned by SNCF, the French National Railway). Regulation changes in recent years in the European Union saw the separation of government owned railroad infrastructure owners and train operators to allow open access (for a fee) for third parties to the railroad infrastructure. NTV is the first of such companies to obtain trackage rights from RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Itliana) to rival the state owned rail operator Trenitalia.

NTV currently serves Milan-Naples line and more routes will be introduced in the near future (find out on NTV's website). NTV is also the launch customer of the Alstom AGV (hope you remember this one) and the only user of this 220 mph very-high-speed train so far. The name of this service is, of course as the title suggests, Italo.

Pictures courtesy of Wikicommons and their uploader.


Hoff1980 said…
Hello, appy to see that you enjoy my pics. It would be nice if at least "Wikimedia Commons" could be mentionned.

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