British Rail Class 375, 377

I've got to known these two types of nice little (well, British equipment is small) EMU's a little bit during my trip south of London, the Class 375 and 377. They belong to the ADtranz (Bombardier now) Electrostar family of electric trains for Great Britain, built at where used to be BREL Derby Works (the Gautrain in South Africa are also Electrostars by the way but they were first built for the British and there are A LOT of them kicking around in England, mostly south of London). The two classes of EMUs are almost identical nowadays; only interior fittings and minor details differ after Class 375 being converted with Dellner Scharfenberg couplers. Initially the Class 375 had AAR/APTA Type H tightlock couplers with electrical receptacles. Some of the early Class 375 also had pantographs. Later sets, including the 377s had recess on the roof where pantographs may be fitted in the future if needed. Class 375s and 377s work mostly south of London, where 3rd rail electrification is used rather than overhead cantenaries. Top speed of the Class 375 and 377 are 100 mph. And most of the two classes of trains are operated by Southeastern and Southern.

Southeastern Class 375
Southern Class 377
The Class 375 took me from Dover Priory to Ramsgate and Margate to Faversham. The Class 377 took me from London Victoria to Crawley the night before the end of my trip then to Gatwick Airport where I parted ways with the Great Britain.

Interior of Southeastern Class 375
Interior of Southern Class 377


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