A visit to Exporail near Montreal

Well, I say near Montreal because the museum is really in St. Constant, on the south shore of River St Laurence. If you did not know, the Exporail (or Canadian Railway Museum/Musée Ferroviaire Canadien) is to Canada as National Railway Museum in York is to the UK, well, except that admission to the NRM is free. The museum is operated by the Canadian Railroad Historical Association. Like the NRM, the existence and success of this museum would have not been if it didn't have the support of dedicated volunteers. Anyway, picture time.


Eric said…
Nice Exporail photos. We used to live in Montreal, and when we first went to the museum, most of the collection was stored outside. Since then, the indoor storage buildings were (wisely) built.

Nice to see those ex-VIA units, if only in preserved, non-operating condition.

Thanks for sharing,

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