Bombardier MR-90

This is one of the other trains I've had a chance to ride during my trip in Montréal. I have to say the experience has been quite unique. This EMU looks somewhat North American from the outside but definitely feels (sounds) very European from the inside. If you ever get a chance to take a look at her trucks, they are indeed very European.

The MR-90 is a purpose built EMU for commuter rail service in Montréal on the Deux-Montagnes Line by Bombardier Transportation. The Deux-Montagnes Line is a one of a kind railroad in Canada. It is the only electrified heavy-rail mainline left in the country. Originally built by Canadian Northern Railways in 1918, the line was completely refurbished and modernized by the Québec Government in the 1990s. The MR-90 zips back and forth every day on this electric railroad, and the busiest commuter railroad in Montréal through the Mount Royal Tunnel between Deux-Montagnes and Gare Centrale (Central Station).

Okay back to the EMU. 58 sets were ordered in 1992 and delivered in '94 and '95. The MR-90 is formed in units of 2 cars and half of her axles are powered by 380 horsepower traction motors. A maximum of 10 cars, or 5 pairs, is allowed in a single consist. She accelerates rather quickly, like an EMU is supposed to, at 1.5 to 2.0 mphps. The maximum design speed of the MR-90 is 75 mph, but she probably never really exceeds 70 in service. The MR-90 is equipped with doors to accommodate both high platforms at Gare Centrale and low platforms at all other stations. I rode the line between Roxboro-Pierrefonds and Gare Centrale.


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