Bombardier MultiLevel Cars

I wanna talk about some rolling stock I got to know a little during my trip to Montréal. They are the MultiLevel cars built by Bombardier Transportation (not the standard BiLevel cars with tapered ends used by most commuter railroads). The MultiLevel car is of stainless steel construction and have a low profile design (with a height of only 14' 5'') in order to clear the tight clearances on the Northeast Corridor and Mount Royal Tunnel (right, they are first designed for the New Jersey Transit). Almost 500 of these cars have been built in La Pocatière, QC and Plattsburgh, NY since 2006.

I rode on these cars on the AMT (Agence Metropolitaine de Transport) Vaudreuil-Hudson Line between Cedar Park in Pointe-Claire and Lucien L’Allier (outside of Windsor Station) in downtown Montréal. They had really nice seats in 2+2 configuration but I couldn’t find any electrical outlets, but maybe this was a configuration specified by AMT. These cars currently do not go through the Mount Royal Tunnel, but they will when the Train l’Est project is finished together with the dual mode ALP-45DPs.


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