ZNLE Griffin

Let me introduce you to a new face in the world of locomotives (or new enough that at least most of us North Americans have not heard much about), the ZNLE Griffin from Poland. I found her from online InnoTrans 2012 coverage from the internet and thought I'd mention this upcoming locomotive on this blog. There isn't much on the Griffin yet but she does look promising from what's known. The Griffin supposedly comes in different flavors and support multiple electrical systems that will suit both the need freight and passenger operators across Europe. There are also both diesel and electric versions of the locomotive. The diesel version is packing 2.3 MW or 3,100 hp and the electric version packs 5.6 MW or 7,500 hp. Depending on configuration, the Griffin will have a top speed in service of 85 or 125 mph. We'll stay tuned for more information on this sharp looking thing.


Anonymous said…
Are you sure about 3100kW diesel version? ZNLE doesn't mention it anywhere.
trainoftheweek said…
I read about it on this linked International Railway Journal


but you are right I can't really find any more info on it either

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