DSB Class MY / MX

The Class MY (and MX) is a very familiar looking locomotive to us North Americans (well, and Australians too I suppose). The Class MY was built by Swedish firm NOHAB between 1954 and 1965 for the Danish State Railways (DSB) which began the replacement of steam locomotives. As the shape of the locomotive's nose might suggest, the unit was indeed powered by the famous EMD 567. The 3-axle trucks also resemble American design. The A1A-A1A wheel arrangement suggests truck design of the MY is similar to the E-unit.

The Class MY gets 1,700-1,950 hp and weighs 112 tons. A lighter but otherwise close resembling Class MX (1,425-1,445 hp, 98 tons) was ordered by the DSB to be used in territories where MY was deemed too heavy. The top speed of the Class MY is 83 mph.

Copies of the MY and MX (and similar locomotives of different classes) have been preserved and are still in working condition today in a few European countries. One unit, Swedish TÃ…GAB 106 was featured in the movie Dancer in the Dark dressed in Great Northern color scheme.


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