Xplorer and Endeavour DMU

The Xplorer and Endeavour are mechanically identical diesel multiple units used by Australian passenger rail operators CountryLink and CityRail respectively. The DMU came in 2- to 4-car flavors and are built by ABB (now Bombardier) between early and mid 1990s in Australia. A total of about 50 cars were built for the two railroads to be used on a total of 8 lines.

CountryLink Xplorer at Sydney Central Station
Interior of coach class
Given that these are diesel electric multiple units, each car is equipped with a 514 horsepower Cummings diesel engine coupled to hydraulic transmission made by Voith Turbo. A separate 181 hp Cummings engine powered auxiliaries such as air conditioning and lighting. Top speed of the DMU is 100 mph but capped at 90 in service. The DMU first saw service on the CountryLink in 1993 with full deployment on both railroads in 1996. The sets were refurbished in 2009.

Interior of the CityRail Endeavour


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