SBB-CFF-FFS Re 460 (Lok 2000) / BLS Re 465

The Re 460, or more famously known as the Lok 2000 is a high-speed electric locomotive used by the Swiss Federal Railways SBB-CFF-FFS. Engineering of the locomotive was done by ADtranz (now Bombardier) in Switzerland, while famous Italian design firm Pininfarina took care of the exterior, a fine combination of Italian beauty with Swiss precision. The Re 460 was deployed in the mid 1990s and played an important role in modernizing the passenger locomotive fleet of SBB-CFF-FFS. A total of 119 units were produced and were usually seen with IC 2000 bi-level cars in InterCity and InterRegio services.

A later variation called the Re 465 was used on BLS, a regional railroad in Switzerland. Other than individual traction motor cut-out and slightly more horsepower (the 460 had to cut-out a truck at a time), the Re 465 is the same unit as the Re 460.

The Lok 2000 is also a beautiful billboard
Now the numbers. Being a passenger unit, the Re 460 is of course capable of sustaining 125 mph in service. A total of 4 traction motors pump out a total of 7,500 hp with a max short-term rating of 8,200 hp. The Re 465 will do 8,400 hp and 9,400 hp short-term. The locomotive is a real lightweight too, contrary to her looks, only 93 tons.


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