NJT River Line

The River Line is a unique “light rail” transit line operated by the New Jersey Transit that runs mostly on heavy rail shared with freight trains (I will leave a lot of details out so check out this Wikipedia page). The line connects Trenton Transit Center (can change to the Northeast Corridor) to the Entertainment Center in Camdon and its portion between Camdon and Bordentown is formerly owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad (later Penn Central and Conrail, of course) until it has been purchased by the NJT in 1999. However, commercial operation hasn't began until 2004.

The River Line is not electrified. It uses the GTW diesel light rail vehicles built by Stadler Rail of Switzerland. The River Line GTW is an articulated LRV with three sections supported by three 2-axle trucks. The diesel engine is in the short, central section, and the LRV is propelled by the middle truck only (i.e. the UIC axle arrangement would be 2'+Bo+2'). There are other variants of the GTW which I will write about at later dates that have different arrangements.


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