This week let's tall about this EMU some Big Bang Theory fans may recall from the opening. You may remember the red nose and slender body of this 7-car trainset. Still doesn't ring a bell? Well, maybe this picture below will remind you.

She's the ICN, InterCity-Neigezug (inter city tilt train), or RABDe 500 by SBB-CFF-FFS designation. Technically she is half Italian, with exterior design by Pinifarina, and tilting mechanism by Fiat (right, builder of Pendolino, later absorbed by Alstom). The rest of her is genuine Swiss engineering, by Adtranz in Zurich, now part of Bombardier. The ICN serves several lines in Switzerland and can be seen in all major cities. The 8 traction motors equipped in the end 4 cars produce a total of 6,970 horsepower and the ICN achieves a top speed of 125 mph where track speed permits. A total of 44 sets have been built and put in service between 2000 and 2005.

The ICN tilting around a curve


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