British Rail Class 175

Well, why don't we keep talking about another Alstom Coradia while we are at it. If you've missed my old posts, so far we've talked about the not-so-successful-but-getting-better British Rail Class 180 Coradia Adelante, the Coradia Nordic, X60/1/2 and the Arlanda Express X3, in Sweden, and last week, the Coradia LINT (well, which wasn't really a Coradia). This week I'll briefly write about this other Coradia DMU that's running in Britain, the Class 175 or Coradia 1000.

Interior looks basic but functional
Like the later Class 180, the 175 was built in Britain at Alstom's plant in Birmingham. 27 sets of 2 or 3-car trainsets (it's interesting to know that on a 2-car train, the cars are labeled only A and C with no car B in between) were built between 1999 and 2001, and the Class 175 was put in service in 2000 by First North Western (part of the later First TransPennine Express and Northern). In 2003 the sets were transferred to Arriva and had been used on Arriva Trains Wales ever since.

The Class 175 is propelled by 2 axles driven by a 450 hp Cummins diesel engine via Voith hydraulic transmission per car. They are very light in North American standard and weigh approximately 54 short tons per car. The top speed of the Class 175 is 100 mph.


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