Pueblo Union Depot

Since I’m enjoying the privilege to be in Pueblo, CO for a railroad industry event, I will write about something local - a beautiful historic place that once has served the mobility needs of numerous people, Pueblo Union Depot.

Being called a Union Depot, the station was once shared by 5 railroads, Denver & Rio Grande Western (Rio Grande), Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe (Santa Fe), Colorado & Southern (later became part of Chicago Burlington & Quincy, or Burlington), Missouri Pacific, and the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific (The Rock), quite some names for railroads. The station was completed in 1890. Today, co-owned by two local brothers, the depot is used as a event venue hosting weddings and luncheons, etc. (check out the picture gallery online).

A parkade sits where the platforms use to be
One can only hope that the Union Depot can contribute once again to people’s everyday lives. With the terrible volume and the consequential traffic jams on the I-25, maybe there is hope for the implementation of passenger rail once again south of Denver.


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