Bombardier Zefiro 380 Pictures

This week, we'll have more of a show and tell here. Apparently the Zefiro 380 (designated as the CRH380D by the ex-Chinese Ministry of Railways, now the China Railway Corp., a crown corp) has entered production some time in late 2012 and holy smokes is she a beauty. As the winner of 2012 IF Product Design Award, she's probably the most beautiful trainset I've ever seen (probably one of the very few vehicles of any kind that actually looks better than the pre-production artist rendering)!

Anyway, since the pictures are not under GPL, the thumbnail to the right serves as hyperlink only. For more pictures, simply search for the keyword "CRH380D" or "Zefiro 380" on your favorite search engine.

This hyperlink here takes you to videos found through Bing.


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