AVE Class 102

After all the talk about locomotives built in Spain, maybe it’s time to talk about some domestic Spanish rolling stock products at this time. As we know, Spain has one of the largest high-speed rail networks in the world. Spain is also one of the few countries capable of manufacturing high-speed rolling stocks, however, they are not as vastly known in the world market as some of the bigger name brands. So if you haven’t heard of this train yet, I introduce you the AVE (Alta Velocidad Española or Spanish High Speed) Class 102 or S-102, nicknamed "Pato", or "Duck" in English (as you will see from the pictures), also known as the Talgo 350 outside of Spain.

The S-102 is a push-pull trainset, consisted of two power cars and intermediate passenger coaches. The power cars of the S-102 were a joint product designed between Spanish manufacturer Talgo (we may have heard of this one, they make the Cascade trainsets used in Washington and Oregon) and German Adtranz (later became Bombardier). The coaches, of course, are a set of 12 of the famous passive tilting Talgo cars.

The design speed of the S-102 is 350 km/h (217 mph) in service although the final certified speed in regular service the train is only 330 km/h or 205 mph. The total output of the power cars of the S-102 sum up to approximately 10 700 hp.


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