So here's what happened in the last 2 weeks

Okay, by now I think some may start to wonder if I've abandoned the blog or what have I. “No” is the answer. I do feel bad about slacking off again. Maybe this time I will make this blog a little personal and shoot the s**t for a little.

Right now I'm sitting on board a domestic flight returning from my first round of On Job Training as a freight conductor. The training is for work, however it is not my regular job. In fact I seldom ever deal with any running trade personnel.

It was very interesting and eye opening for sure. There was lots to learn. Physical work aside, there are many rules to become familiar with, most of which address how to railroad safely. There are quite many rules involved just to obtain authorization to occupy sections of tracks (which there should be, one would assume I suppose). It has been quite an experience learning about the bread and butter of railroading, and what front line crew deals with every day to deliver freight. There is still another half of the training program I will have to go through, which will involve another round of On Job Training trips before I can test to get fully qualified. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Safe railroading. I'll try my best to keep this blog up to date.


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