Vossloh Euro 3000

So, the look at the brochure of the F125 last week, what is to become the next North American passenger locomotive, I've had the suspecion that it is going to be somewhat similar to an existing European locomotive (as the recent trend of North American passenger equipment goes).

A locomotive plant in Valencia, Spain, formerly owned by Alstom, had been producing EMD powered diesel-electric locomotives for the European market (British Rail Class 67 would be one of them). This plant was purchased by Vossloh from Alstom in 2004 and Vossloh had kept producing EMD powered locomotives ever since. These locomotives are called the Euro series. There are the 4-axle Euro 3000s, and 6-axle Euro 4000s. For this post, the numbers quoted are those of the Euro 3000, although the Euro 4000 isn't really much different from the 3000s at all.

The Renfe Class 334 is of the Euro 3000 family
The Euro 3000 come in either DC or AC with a 3,300 hp 12-cylinder 710 engine at heart. Fabricated high-speed trucks with frame mounted traction motors make up the crucial running gear. Like the typical European locomotive, the Euros also sport a monocoque carbody design. More technical details of this locomotive can be referred to on the factory spec sheet found here.

It is probably also interesting to mention that the same factory also produces another locomotive called Eurolight that shares components with the Euro, but uses Caterpillar C175 engines and ABB traction components. I shall explore this locomotive another day.


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