The Ghan

Somehow I thought I wrote about this famous transcontinental train already but a search on my own blog proved me wrong. Anyway, if you haven't watched heard about this train or watched about it on the Channel 5 (UK) show Extreme Railways already, let me briefly introduce you to this passenger train operating over the Adelaide-Darwin Railway, the Ghan.

The name Ghan comes from the train's former nickname, the Afghan Express, honoring the Afghan camel drivers who helped pioneering Australia's unexplored territories. The train began operation first in 1929, but it was not until 1980 did continuous run-through service become available when the entire railroad line converted from several gages to standard gage. The original Ghan was also featured on television, on the BBC Great Railway Journeys of the World.

The Ghan is operated by Southern Rail today with an elaborate consist of some 20 cars. Haulage is provided by Pacific National NR Class locomotives. The 1,800 mi. north-south transcontinental trip lasts 54 hours over 14 stops with a 4 hour layover in Alice Springs. Aside from the scenery, one will also be able to see Genesee and Wyoming freight trains.


Anonymous said…
I really want to go on this some day! Looks amazing. Your blog is as well written as the Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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