D&RG Rwy Depot in Colorado Springs, CO

I'm pretty much writing this blog post live, how exciting! Although by the time it's posted it will have been a few days.

Work has brought me to the city by the Rockies by the name Colorado Springs, in the State of, well, you've guessed it, Colorado. The hotel I'm staying at is conveniently located just south of the old passenger deport on the Denver & Rio Grande Railway, by the Antlers Park. And of course, I had to take a stroll down and take a look.

A passenger depot first existed at the site in 1871 (a year after the railroad's incorporation), the oldest part of the photographed depot though, however, was from 1887 (still impressively old nonetheless). The depot stopped being served by passenger trains in 1971, the fateful year of the passenger rail massacre in America and the birth of Amtrak. During the century of passenger service, the D&RG went on becoming part of the Denver & Rio Grande Western, Southern Pacific Railroad, and ultimately the Union Pacific Railroad.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.
D&RG Colorado Springs Depot


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