While passenger rail continue devolving in Canada, the world moves on without the parts that don't look forward. I hold on to the hope that even for just 5 seconds a week, this blog provides some catching up to those of us who are not so ignorant but unfortunately happen to live in the passenger grave yards of the world.

Quite a nice looking piece of equipment really
This week I'll write about a fairly recent addition to the express intercity fleet of the Taiwan Railway Administration, Class TEMU2000 built by Nippon Sharyo. The history of Japanese import multiple units in the express fleet of the TRA only started not long ago with the TEMU1000 tilting train used in the Taroko Express service. Like the TEMU1000, the TEMU2000 is also a tilting train. However, rather than a more complex hydraulic tilting system, the TEMU2000 utilizes a simpler pneumatic system but does not tilt as much. The TEMU2000 also has a higher top speed, 87 mph in service and 93 mph in test, making her the fastest train service on non-high speed lines. Like the TEMU1000, the TEMU2000 also has a consist of 4M4T.

The TEMU2000 operates in the Puyuma Service, on which all seats are reserved.


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