Toronto Union Station Part 3

The continuous cuts in Canadian intercity passenger rail service did not hamper the livelihood of our grand train station in the heart of Toronto. With years of improvement in regional transit by the Government of Ontario, Toronto Union Station is once again a prosperous union passenger depot she is ought to be. 246 weekday commuter services see passengers on and off at Union Station. On average, the GO concourse sees over 200,000 people flooding through each day (in the very positive way). In conjunction with the TTC Union Subway Station, Toronto Union Station is the busiest transportation hub in Canada.

In the late 2010s, with the announcement of the BigMove transit investment plan by the Government of Ontario, under the same heritage head house, Toronto Union Station will receive some long overdue revitalization. A new retail level underneath the current GO concourse and a new entrance on the south side will be added, a section of the train shed will be rebuilt with glass (due to Union Station's heritage status, only up to a certain percentage of the station can be replaced), and adjacent to the current station, a new station for the airport train Union Pearson Express is to be opened in 2015 (all the details can stem from here).

The beautiful City of Toronto, Capital of Ontario
Hope you like thi picture of the still under-construction glass train shed at Union Station. I am really excited to see the revitalized Union Station in just a few years time.


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