Alstom New Pendolino

It has been a while since I've written about anything fast lately. Lately I've seen a picture of a new trainset being transported to Poland as I stumble around the web for train pictures. This trainset has proven to be quite popular among European countries and is known by many names. Developed by the former rail division of Fiat, now under Alstom of France, this class of trainsets is known by the manufacturer simply as the New Pendolino.

Trenitalia ETR-600
Polish PKP ED250, brand new and shiny
Now if there's a New Pendolino, there must have been an old one. There have been quite a few kinds of those too, the British Rail Class 390 and Finnish Sm3 are a couple of quick examples. A Pendolino is named so because of the fact that she is a tilting train (i.e. the body of the train tilts towards the center of the curve up to 8 degrees, which enables the train to be able to travel faster than non-tilt trains in windy territories). However there are exceptions, like the Chinese CRH5, which is a Pendolino that doesn't tilt.

The Pendolino that doesn't tilt
The New Pendolino not only is an evolution mechanically from the original series, the train also features a more rounded and streamlined design that is much more pleasing to the eye. The trainsets come in a standard 7-car consist (but of course this can vary depending on the order), with 4 of the cars powered with a total output of 7 400 horsepower. The top speed in revenue service of the New Pendolino is 155 mph.

Here's another, Spanish Renfe Avant Class 114, comes in 4-car consists


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