Amtrak Coast Starlight

As I'm touring through the wine country in the bountiful province of Ontario (after all, good things grow in Ontario), it seems appropriate for me to star this wonderful beverage in this week's blog. Yeah, it's still a train blog. No, I can't even pretend to be a wine expert but I'm exploring (and tasting them all!).

Instead of the usual way of going "blah blah blah" on a train, I'm going to do this from a more casual angle, a more vacation-y way. The usual information however, will be linked to this Wikipedia page. However, what makes the Coast Starlight different is that Amtrak offers a wine and cheese tasting on board this train as she traverses through the wine regions of California.

Right. Cheers and enjoy these presentations I've taken no part in making but am taking credit for linking.


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