Renfe AVE S-100

Well I'll continue to ease into the TGV post by writing about another export model here. This time we shift our attention to Spain, a country currently having the second largest high speed rail network in the world. The high speed service in Spain, operated by state owned Renfe, is operated under the name AVE, Alta Velocidad Española, or Spanish High Speed.

The AVE S-100 looks slightly more rounded than the TGV
 The S-100 is the first true high speed train in Spain. The trainset was derived from the TGV Atlantique articulated push-pull trainset (unlike the Réseau or KTX, which the truck immediately behind the power car was powered as well). The first 8 of the 16 sets ordered were built by Alstom in France and the rest by CAF in Spain.

Definitely looks a lot shorter than the KTX-I

Unlike the KTX-I or TGV-K mentioned last week, the AVE S-100 came in a more standard 8-car consist featuring the TGV's signature articulating Jacobs trucks.

First introduced in 1992, the S-100 went in service at a whopping 186 mph. The highest speed this trainset had achieved in test though was 222 mph. The entire fleet was refurbished, halfway through the trainsets' designed service life, by Renfe between 2007 and 2012.


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