NSW 90 Class / EMD GT46CWM

All right, another week just flew by. Let me go back to an EMD again this Friday and write about this flavor of the SD70 locomotive, expertly crafted upside-down in London, Ontario, for the State of New South Wales in Australia.

The long hood does have some family resemblance, but what's up with the old school trucks?
Locally she's known as the 90 Class. To those of us from the Northern Hemisphere, she's called the GT46CWM (somehow people really like the number 46, it must mean something, I just can't figure out what). Well, actually, most of the locomotives of this class were built properly in London, except for the last 4 units, which were built by EDi in Upside-down Cardiff (to distinguish from The Cardiff). Bruce.

For Australia, the 90 Class is a heavy locomotive and only works in coal service in NSW. She weighs in at about 364 000 lbs. and pump out the standard 4 000 horsepower.


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