DB Class V 200

Yup so this day would come sooner or later when I decided to blog about the British Railways Classes 42 and 43. This locomotive I blog about today is the locomotive those lovely Warship Class units were based on. The classification number predates today's DB AG and this locomotive is called the Class V 200.

Quite a handsome little guy
I have no clue what the V's are about in old times DB's classification scheme. It probably doesn't mean speed. Well, that's my best guess anyway.

Production of this locomotive ran from 1953 to 1956, during our good old Streamliner days. Of course, like the Warship Class (or rather the other way around), the V 200 is twin-engined and driven by hydraulic transmission. Total power output for the loco is around 2 200 hp. She's used in hauling express trains and has a top speed of 87 mph in service. Apparently the V 200 had been the basis of way more locomotives than the Warship Class ones. These locomotives, along with more information on the V 200 can be found here on her Wikipedia page (assuming the list is complete).


M-NL said…
In the days (until 1968) V200 meant a locomotive with an internal combustion engine (V=Verbrennungsmotor) with 2000PS. The improved V200, the V220, thus had 2200PS, the V160 1600PS.
Since 1968 diesels have class numbers in the 200 to 399 range. The V200 became class 220, the V220 class 221.

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